Dinosaur Balloons

Appearing on Earth 200 million years ago, dinosaurs are among children's favorite legendary creatures. Impressive, frightening, fascinating, there is no shortage of adjectives to describe these prehistoric animals that continue to captivate the imaginations of all budding archaeologists, regardless of their age. Indeed, they continue to fuel conversations and stimulate the imagination of both young and old alike.

They are also an endless source of inspiration for parents, especially when organizing themed parties or decorating a bedroom. Therefore, the dinosaur balloons is now considered by all as an essential decorative element for celebrating a birthday in a festive prehistoric atmosphere!

The dinosaur balloon, a classic for themed parties!

Take your guests back in time to an unforgettable party by creating a unique prehistoric jungle decor with our aesthetic and original inflatable balloons that will delight both young and old. Designed to be as sturdy as an ankylosaurus shell, our inflatable balloons are reusable and also suitable for decorating children's rooms throughout the year, to prolong the adventure!

Inflated with helium, a dinosaur balloon will float and move with the air currents, stimulating the imagination of the little ones and surely amusing the adults.

If you only have a simple air pump, you can attach your dinosaur balloon wherever you like thanks to a fastener located at its base and designed for this purpose.

To ensure they won't go unnoticed, our balloons are all approximately one meter in size, roughly the approximate size of an adolescent Diplodocus femur: guaranteed majestic effect!


An inflatable dinosaur balloon for every age!

Clever, the dinosaur birthday balloon in the shape of a number allows you to celebrate all ages of life!

Available from zero to nine, they are sold separately, allowing you to create all combinations of numbers from 1 to 99 or more! Thus, adults who are fans of prehistory and have kept a child's soul will not be left out and can also joyfully celebrate their birthday with a decoration inspired by their passion.

With a beautiful green color that recalls the environment in which dinosaurs lived during the Mesozoic era, our dinosaur number balloons will immerse both young and old in a prehistoric and luminous atmosphere they will remember for a long time!


T-Rex or Diplodocus: choose your original and colorful balloon!

The Tyrannosaurus Rex, king of the Cretaceous, and the Diplodocus, emperor of the Jurassic, are coming to your home in the form of magnificent giant inflatable balloons!

The imposing silhouette of the inflatable dinosaur balloon featuring the T-Rex will give your young guests a deliciously scary adventure. The bravest ones may even approach it to count the number of teeth drawn on each side of this incredible decorative balloon.

Moreover, placed near the snack table, it will ensure that no one touches it before the time, Lucy's word!

Available in pink and blue to please as many people as possible, the inflatable Diplodocus balloon will also delight children, with its comforting sturdy silhouette and bright colors. Particularly appreciated by young aspiring paleontologists, Diplodocus will watch over the little ones' sleep once the party is over.


Perfect your child's bedroom decor with dinosaur balloons.

Ideal for enhancing a birthday party, dinosaur balloons can also be integrated as permanent decorative elements in a space intended for children. T-Rex and Diplodocus balloons in particular will add a touch of originality to your interior. For example, you can play with the number, height, and lighting of each dinosaur balloon to easily and very creatively transform your playroom into a prehistoric cave!


Dinosaurs are everywhere!

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