Dinosaur Slippers

Dinosaurs, even though they have been extinct for 365 million years, never cease to fascinate researchers and aficionados of the Jurassic era. Numerous documentaries, films and books in their honor appeared on the market several decades ago. Today, they are still the object of a real craze.

But if some people are satisfied with reading books or seeing dinosaur movies, for others, the passion for these specimens does not stop there. For children in particular, their biggest dream is to decorate their room with the effigy of these giant reptiles. What if you made them happy by completing their collection of figurines, toys and costumes with a pair of Dinosaur Slippers ?


Are you and your child passionate about dinosaurs? Tyrannosaurs, velociraptors, stegosaurus, diplodocus, brachiosaurs, all these species still fascinate you? We are THE online reference that will make you happy. Cuddly toys, Decorations, Figurines or Dinosaur T-Shirt, you will find your happiness in our shop.

Whatever the dimensions you are looking for, our collection is complete. Our Dinosaur Slipper will delight you! In these times when the winter winds start to be felt in the interior space, they will know how to bring you the comfort you need.


Does your child already have a costume featuring their favorite dinosaur species? In this case, complete it with a pair of Dinosaur Slippers and he will be the happiest. The slippers we offer are available in an assortment of colors and can be combined perfectly with any costume model. The design includes several claws to imitate the predators that reigned supreme during the Jurassic period.


Want to make your boy happy? Give him the opportunity to live in the skin of a Dinosaur and feel that feeling of omnipotence. How do you do it? By offering him a pair of dinosaur paw slippers. Our store puts at your disposal various and varied models, up to all your expectations. For the small boys of less than 7 years for example, you will find in our selection of slippers which will be appropriate for their size. We can also offer you an adult dinosaur bootie if, like your child, you appreciate these creatures. In fact, the vast majority of our Dinosaur Slippers are available in adult sizes.

As for the color, there is something for everyone. If he wants to imitate the most fearsome of all species, the T-rex, a pair of green dinosaur slippers will be ideal. Black can also lend itself to this intention. Insofar as he wants to be embodied in the skin of a tarbosaurus, a Dinosaur Slipper child in gray color will be just perfect. You can also give him a tiger or blue dinosaur bootie if he has a vivid imagination and wants to invent a whole new species.

Because it's not only boys who can be fans of these gigantic reptiles, we also thought of little girls. Our dinosaur slippers for kids are also available in red, yellow, pink and fuchsia. We also offer dinosaur flip-flops in different colors to give your kids the opportunity to impress their friends.


As a parent, we know you care about your child's well-being. That's why we've made sure to focus on the quality of our products. All the booties on sale in our store will provide your child with a cozy comfort. His feet will not get cold because each model has a soft padding. At the same time, our booties have a lightweight design with an inner lining that won't suffocate his feet. He will be able to run or jump around the house without the uncomfortable feeling of heaviness.

Do not hesitate to contact us now if you wish to place an order. Our service is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Avoid walking barefoot, especially when it's polar cold, keep your feet warm. Our adorable Dinosaur slippers and sandals are soft, supple, comfortable and have soft gripping soles, non-slip so they are safe, durable, washable, perfect products of superior quality. Easy to put on, our pairs of soft slippers will perfectly replace your socks, they will cover your feet to your ankles.

Sizes available for small feet as well as for larger ones, slippers for adults, but also slippers for children, they will be able to put on their original and funny little slippers with a great choice of colored ones. Our sandals are ideal for feet, they will let your toes breathe. The pairs are mixed, for girls and boys, the whole family can have a pair, to keep a cute souvenir. For more information discover our beautiful collection