T-Rex Balloon

A great T-Rex Balloon for the kid to play

The T-Rex balloon comes in green and yellow colour with pink-coloured patches all over the body. The balloon has teeth in white, and they look a bit scary. Moreover, the hands are visible in the print of the balloon.

T-Rex Balloon has a long tail, and this is from where the air is filled in the balloon. It comes with a strong plastic character, and you can fill the air in it without fearing the blast.

The tight of the T-Rex Balloon will tell you how much more air it can take. Kids can play with the balloon, and around the feet of the balloon, the string is attached to hold it.


Main Features of T-Rex Balloon

  • Material: Strong and Solid Plastic
  • Colour: Green and Yellow.
  • A Scary T-Rex balloon.


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