Dinosaur Figures

Discover Our Wide Range of Dinosaur Figures

These extinct monsters called dinosaurs fuel the imagination and nourish the fantasies of both young children and passionate adults for several generations now. A true object of fascination due to their gigantism and power, these incredible creatures hold a powerful attraction for our children. Whether it's the legendary Tyrannosaurus Rex, the fearsome velociraptors, or the placid but colossal Brachiosaurus, your children will be able to indulge in a true dinosaur hunt through our vast collection of dinosaur action figures.


Terrestrial, Marine, or Aerial Dinosaurs, Choose from a Rich Array

We offer you a wide choice of dinosaur species; many types of dinosaurs are represented according to the environment in which they evolve. Prefer to keep your feet on the ground? Opt for the Spinosaurus, it is simply the largest carnivore known to date. Massive and formidable, its characteristic dorsal sail gives it a unique style! Would you rather venture into the depths of the oceans? The Mosasaurus will satisfy you since this giant reptile ruled the marine world until the end of the Cretaceous period.

But you can also decide to take to the skies alongside the Pterosaur, with its phenomenal wingspan that can reach over 10 meters, you will be able to easily dominate the skies! As a nod to popular culture, and if you are a fan of the Jurassic Park universe, you can even rediscover with pleasure the famous Indominus Rex from Jurassic World!


Realistic and High-Quality Dinosaur Figures

Our miniature dinosaur models are made from high-quality plastic that offers safety and durability over time. The aesthetics offered are realistic and detailed because it is important that your children can learn more about these extinct legends through play and observation. The characteristics of all species are faithfully reproduced through meticulous work on skin texture, the appearance of claws, teeth, and bones. The colors have also been carefully selected, and nothing has been left to chance to offer you replicas of superior quality and in accordance with what we know about these captivating creatures.

The dynamic postures breathe life into these mini dinosaure figures and give clues about the temperament specific to each dinosaur; a calm strength emanates from the gigantic herbivores while the predators seem ready for action and determined to hunt! It is through all these small details that your children will be able to stage increasingly lively stories!


Toy and Collectible Object at the Same Time

Are you looking for intelligent toys that contribute to the development of your children? That allow them to have fun, stimulate their imagination, and enrich their knowledge at the same time? It is this compromise between playfulness and pedagogy that we offer through this beautiful collection of modeling, which will enrich the universe of your little budding paleontologists. The most rigorous and knowledgeable among them will surely take the time to observe them carefully, study their characteristics, or even classify them by families.

They will also discover new dinosaurs with lesser-known species such as the Carcharodontosaurus or the Herrerasaurus, which enrich the catalog alongside the unmissable stars of the Jurassic era such as the Triceratops, the Brachiosaurus, or the Tyrannosaurus Rex. All these beautiful creatures will elegantly decorate the shelves of dinosaur enthusiasts.

The most playful and creative ones can invent their own stories since their Dinosaur Figurine will stimulate and develop their imagination; for example, our set of devoured Triceratops allows them to stage exciting stories of hunting and predation!


Educational Dinosaur Figures

Original educational games, fun to awaken curiosity, and to have fun, for all ages. Yes, they are also toys for very young children, for toddlers, for babies. A Figure of Dinosaur is also often collected in addition to being considered educational toys; not all games and toys are educational, your young children will be able to learn about the time of the dinosaurs; you will fill the children's rooms with miniature triceratops, diplodocus, Velociraptor, a new experience for boys and girls.