Adult Dinosaur Slippers

Great Yellow Dinosaur Slippers for You

If you are thinking of keeping your feet warm in winters with some style, then these Adult Dinosaur Yellow Slippers are for you. They come with a soft wool feature, which keeps the feet warm and keeps them covered from all the sides. They are non-breathable, which means air cannot pass through them.

The fabric used in the Adult Dinosaur Yellow Slippers is a canvas covering the upper area of the slippers and the sides. It comes with a dinosaur carton in Violet colour, and the other slipper in the pair has a dinosaur in text form.

The slippers are light in weight, comfortable to wear all day, and they are easily washable.


Main Features of Adult Dinosaur Slippers Yellow

  • Material: Soft Wool inside with Canvas Fabric
  • Available Size: 5-5.5, 6-6.5, 7-8, 8.5-9.5, 10-11
  • It has a cute cartoon on the top.
  • Available Colors: Yellow with Violet Cartoon Dinosaur.
  • Light in weight


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