Dinosaur Figure

A Creepy and dangerous-looking Carnotaurus Figure

The Dinosaur Figure Carnotaurus has a really scary look. It has two big horns on both sides of the head, and the dark red colour makes it even more dangerous. The tail is long, and it has scales that go up to the head, and all the scales are pointy.

Dinosaur Figure Carnotaurus comes with really small hands and has big feet and strong legs. The figure is capable of standing still without any support in any place of your choice.

The eyes of the Dinosaur Figure Carnotaurus are black in colour and are of small size. The mouth of the dinosaur is open, and the teeth and tongue are clearly visible. The nails on the feet and hands are grey, and they are also pointy.


Main Features of Dinosaur Figure Carnotaurus

  • Material: Strong Plastic
  • Available in One Size only : 21x11
  • It gives a dangerous look.
  • Available Colors: Dark Red


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