Dinosaur Straws

Beautiful Dinosaur Straws to add uniqueness to drinks

Dinosaur Straws come with a proper straw shape, but it has a dinosaur attached to it. Yes, you heard it right! A dinosaur figure is present on the upper side, and the straw moves through that dinosaur and reaches the drinker's mouth.

The dinosaurs present on the straw are big enough to cover the upper side of the glass and do not let the straw slide in. Dinosaur Straws come in different sizes and shapes, and colours.

Dinosaur Straws has all kinds of dinosaurs available, such as Triceratops, T-Rex, Diplodocus, etc. They are made up of a good plastic material.


Main Features of Dinosaur Straws

  • Material: Plastic
  • Different Dinosaurs are available.
  • Available in different colours
  • Standard Size


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