Dinosaur Popcorn Boxes

Colourful Popcorn boxes for the Movies at Home

The popcorn boxes are made up of thick cardboard, which is good enough to contain a good amount and does not break. The whole of the cardboard is filled with drawings and writings related to the dinosaurs.

Some of the text on the popcorn boxes tells the roar of the dinosaur. There are colourful drawings on the boxes, and one can give a colourful texture to their boxes.

All the sides of the boxes are filled with such drawings. The kids would love to eat popcorns in their colourful boxes. Give them these boxes if you take them out to watch a movie on dinosaurs.


Main Features of the Dinosaur Popcorn Boxes

  • Solid Cardboard Boxes.
  • Dinosaur Paintings.
  • Colourful features on all the sides.


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