Dinosaur Figure

A Roaring Figure of Giganotosaurus Dinosaur

The figure looks like the dinosaur Giganotosaurus is about to get into a fight with another dinosaur. If you buy two of them and place them facing each other, it would become a scene. The figure comes with light peach colour, and it has scales starting from the nose and goes till the end of the tail.

Dinosaur Figure Giganotosaurus comes with mouth wide open through which you can see the teeth and tongue. Moreover, it has an average-sized neck, and the hands of the dinosaur figure are not that long.

The nails on both the hands and feet are of black colour. While the upper part of the face Dinosaur Figure Giganotosaurus is darker in the shade than the rest of the body.


Main Features of Dinosaur Figure Giganotosaurus

  • Material: Strong Plastic
  • Available in One Size only : 15x11
  • It gives a scary dinosaur look.
  • Available Colors: Peach


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