Dinosaur Plush
Grey T-Rex

A Soft Dinosaur Plush Grey T-Rex

If you want your kid to learn something about dinosaurs, start to build their interest in them through plush toys. This Plush Grey T-Rex is an amazing soft-fabric made toy that comes in different sizes. It has cartoonish eyes, and the nose area of the Grey T-Rex is of orange colour.

Moreover, the teeth of the plush toy are white, and all of them are visible. The nails of the Plush Grey T-Rex are white and look pointy; however, they are soft and press-able.

It has a soft pointy long tail. Kids can use and hold the plush toy while sleeping.


 Main Features of Dinosaur Plush Grey T-Rex

  • Material: Soft Fabric filled with cotton
  • Available sizes: 40cm, 55cm, 70cm and 1M.
  • Easily washable


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