Dinosaur Figure
Indominus Rex

An Indominus Rex Dinosaur Figure for Decoration

This figure of Indominus Rex is an amazing looking one that shows every feature of that dinosaur. It has scales all over the back, starting from the head and going till the tail. Each and every muscle shape of the legs, abdomen and hands are visible.

The share teeth and purple tongue of the Indominus Rex figure are clearly visible and have a scary look. The nails of both the fingers and feet are black, and they are pointy.

The structure of the figure is in a bending form, and the eyes of the Indominus Rex have a red colour. The dinosaur's tail is held in the air, and it has a sturdy feel and won’t fall while standing.


Main Features of Dinosaur Figure Indominus Rex

  • Material: Strong Plastic
  • Available Colours: Greyish Green
  • Size : 35x18
  • Does not need any support to stand


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