Kids Spinosaurus Costume

A Cool Red Spinosaurus Costume for Kids

This is an amazing costume and easy to wear for any kind of theme party or Halloween. The whole colour of the Kids Spinosaurus Costume is red, and it has a small-sized continuous scale on the back.

The costume’s tail is long, and it has filled with foam to keep it stiff in one position. Kids can wear it like any other dress, and they will have to take their head out of the neck area of the costume.

Moreover, the shoes and the gloves of this Kids Spinosaurus Costume are separate, and you can wear them after wearing the costume. The mouth of the dinosaur is open in this costume.


Main Features of Kids Spinosaurus Costume

  • Material: Velvet on the outside and Soft Fabric on the inside.
  • Colour: Red
  • One person can wear it.
  • Size : 100cm - 170cm
  • A usual Dinosaur face to make it look cool.


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