Kids T-Rex Costume

A Cute costume of a dinosaur for the kids

The T-Rex costume that comes for the kids is a simple one. This costume has an overall, which can be tried around the neck with a clip. The outside of the costume is green in colour, and the inside of the costume is blue.

A cute looking baby T-Rex is present on the back of the costume in grey colour. It has white spots on it. Moreover, it also comes with a mask which can help the kid to hide his/her identity. The mask is also in grey.

Kids can wear the costume and go to any Halloween party they want or set up their own theme party.


 Main Features of Kids T-Rex Costume

  • Material: Plastic with a hint of silk
  • Colour: Green and Blue.
  • A cute T-Rex on the back.
  • Age : 3 - 10 Years


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