Dinosaur Figure

A Water-dinosaur Mosasaurus Figure

This dinosaur was a water creature who used to swim in the water and never came on land. It has the shape of a crocodile, which means scales all over the body, especially on the back.

Moreover, Dinosaur Figure Mosasaurus has big fins instead of hands and legs, which helped it swim. The tail of the figure is strong and long, and full of scales.

The Dinosaur Figure Mosasaurus’s mouth is open, which shows the dark red tongue and white teeth. The eyes of the dinosaur are red in colour, and it has a long structure. You can place it near the fireplace or on the console as it would lie down on the floor instead of standing.


Main Features of Dinosaur Figure Mosasaurus

  • Material: Strong Plastic
  • Available Colours: Grey
  • Size: 35x6


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