Dinosaur Costume

A Scary-Looking Dinosaur Spinosaurus Costume for Parties

The costume of this Spinosaurus dinosaur is blue in colour and has a full standing structure. It comes with scales on the back, which are yellow in colour, and some of the scales are present at the top of the between the eyes.

The Dinosaur Costume Spinosaurus has a good height, and it can be inflated with the air to make it look big. The tail also contains air to stay in the air.

Dinosaur Costume Spinosaurus comes with mouth wide open, and teeth are visible in it. The eyes in the costume are yellow, along with the yellow nose. Moreover, the hands and legs of the costume are of normal size.


Main Features of Dinosaur Costume Spinosaurus

  • Material: Strong Plastic Fabric
  • Available in One Size only : 4 foot - 6 foot
  • It gives a dangerous look.
  • Available Color: Costume in Blue and Scales in Yellow.


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