Dinosaur Plush

A Soft dangerous-looking Dinosaur Plush Spinosaurus

This is a soft dinosaur that comes with a yellowish-mustard colour. It has a full-length scale on its back and goes from the back of its neck until the start of the tail. The tail of the Plush Spinosaurus is pointy but has foam in it to make it soft for holding.

The feet of the Spinosaurus has a brownish colour and look quite rough to give it the feel of reality. The mouth of the dinosaur is open, and the teeth are visible.

Moreover, Dinosaur Plush Spinosaurus has yellow eyes, and the area around the eyes is blackish-brown in colour. The whole plush toy is soft in structure and can be pressed.


Main Features of Dinosaur Plush Spinosaurus

  • Material: Soft Fabric: Cotton (inside), velvet feel (outside)
  • Available in One Size only : 57cm
  • It gives a dangerous look but soft in touch.


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