Dinosaur Costume

A Cool Dinosaur Costume Stegosaurus for Functions

This is an amazing costume which you can wear outside the museum or amusement parks to entertain people. The costume comes with small blue colour circles on a dark purple fabric. The scales present on the back of the dinosaur are purple in colour and have air in them. All the scales are of similar size.

The teeth in the Dinosaur Costume Stegosaurus are of white colour, and the tongue is pink. The hands and the legs are of short size, and they have purple-coloured nails.

Dinosaur Costume Stegosaurus has a short tail which and the eyes of the costume are of white colour. You can fill the air from the back of the dinosaur and can get into it.


Main Features of Dinosaur Costume Stegosaurus

  • Material: Strong Plastic Fabric
  • Available in One Size only : 4 foot - 6 foot
  • It has a normal cool look.
  • Available Color: Dark Purple Background with Light Blue Circles.


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