T-Rex Costume For Kids

A new costume of T-Rex will make the kids look great

This T-Rex costume is for the kids specifically, which they can in any season and for any kind of event. Most of the time, kids wear this costume if Halloween or some costume party is at their friend’s house.

T-Rex Costume For Kids comes in brown colour in which the T-Rex mouth is open, and its tongue and teeth are visible. The kid’s face comes out of the costume right from the neck area of T-Rex.

T-Rex Costume For Kids has a long tail with foam inside it, and the kids can wear it like any other dress. The outside of the costume has a velvety touch, while the inside of the costume has soft fabric in it. The costume also has black nails.


 Main Features of T-Rex Costume Kids

  • Material: Velvet outside and Soft Fabric Inside.
  • Colour: Brown
  • One person can wear it.
  • Size : 100cm - 150cm


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