Boys Dinosaur Pajamas

Good-looking pyjamas for kids in winter

The shirt comes in grey colour with blue colour at some places on the shirt. It has a print of a roaring T-Rex, and the teeth, tongue, and eyes are clearly visible in it.

Boys Dinosaur Pajamas T-Rex comes with soft fabric on the inside, which keeps the body warm and makes it comfortable to wear all the time. The trousers of the pyjamas come in blue, and they have different dinosaur figures printed on them.

Boys Dinosaur Pajamas T-Rex is available in different sizes, and the trousers have elastic at the end, which avoids them coming under the feet.


 Main Features of the Boys Dinosaur Pajamas T-Rex

  • Available Sizes: 2-10 Years Old
  • Shirt in grey colour and Pajamas in Blue colour with prints.
  • Soft Wool Fabric for the Winter season.


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