Dinosaur Plush

 A Dangerous-looking Cute T-Rex plush

The dinosaur comes with its mouth wide open, teeth visible, and tongue coming out of the mouth. It has black eyes, and the face tells like it's roaring. The Dinosaur Plush T-Rex has green as a dominant colour with other black colours in it.

The Plush T-Rex comes with a long tail, and it has a soft velvety touch, which makes it easy for the kids to hug it while sleeping. The legs are short, and the feet are big, while the hands and arms are small. It has a big face.

The inside of the Plush T-Rex is filled with polyester and cotton to make it stay soft. It has a bit bulky body.


 Main Features of Dinosaur Plush T-Rex

  • Material: Soft Fabric: Cotton (inside), velvet feel (outside)
  • Available in One Size only : 50cm
  • It gives a cute look and soft in touch.


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