Dinosaur Slippers

A T-Rex Slippers for your Feet

A fantastic piece of slippers with excellent quality and has a soft feeling on the toes and heels. You can wear it right when you wake on or while you are lying on the sofa at night watching something on the TV. If you are a Historian, then these are for you to honour dinosaurs.

The T-Rex Slippers are extra comfortable because of the presence of foam in them. They are soft from the insider and also on the side of the sole. The slippers come in an attractive brown colour, which looks decent. It has the complete shape of a T-Rex with hands popping out. It has an open face with teeth and tongue showing. It has black eyes looking at you.

A great choice in the winter season as it can keep your feet warm. The whole inside of the T-Rex Slippers is foamy and has wool on the side.


 Main Features of T-Rex Slippers :

  • Material: Soft fabric, Inside (wool), Outside (Fur material)
  • Size: 7 – 10
  • Wool present on the inside.
  • Available in Brown colour
  • The complete shape of T-Rex with hands and tongue coming out.
  • Perfect for the winter season to keep your feet warm.


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