Toddler Dinosaur House Shoes

Toddler Dinosaur shoes to keep the feet warm

A T-Rex is made on both pair of shoes. The colour of the T-Rex is dark blue, and it has a red scale all over the back and a long tail. It does not look at all scary on the shoes.

The shoes are made up of soft fabric on the inside, covering the wool to keep the feet warm. Moreover, they come in different colours, such as purple or grey.

Toddler Dinosaur House Shoes has fur on the sides, which cover the upper area of the back of the feet. Moreover, a “Hello” text is written on the side of both shoes.


Main Features of Toddler Dinosaur House Shoes

  • Material: Wool and Soft fabric
  • Colour: Blue, Grey, Purple, and Green
  • A cute T-Rex on all the shoes.
  • Size : 2 years - 12 years


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