Triceratops Costume

A dangerous-looking Triceratops Costume for parties

The costume is the exact copy of Triceratops as it has long horns over the head and one small horn over the nose. The mouth is small, and it is open in the costume.

Triceratops Costume comes with a big scaly head, and the scales are covering the head from behind. Moreover, it is in a standing position, which means the person wearing it will stand instead of moving on the four limbs.

It comes in red-pinkish colour and has a point through which you can fill up the air in it. Through this point, air can also be pulled out of the costume.


 Main Features of Triceratops Costume :

  • Material: Solid Plastic
  • Colour: Red and Pink
  • A big giant Triceratops
  • Size : Adult 4 foot - 6 foot


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