Dinosaur Figure

A Sturdy Dinosaur Figure Velociraptor

The solid Velociraptor figure has a brown colour with line marks on the back of the body. The tail of the Velociraptor is in the upward direction –in the air. The eyes of the dinosaur figure are crystal in shape and have big dark circles around them. It has a good solid plastic feel and has a texture all over the body.

You can even see and feel the texture of the skin on the neck. The nails on the hands and feet are black and have a pointy structure.

Moreover, the mouth of the Velociraptor is open through which the tongue and teeth are visible.


Main Features of Dinosaur Figure Velociraptor

  • Material: Strong Plastic
  • Visible White Teeth
  • Crystal Eyes
  • Brown colour with Beige colour patches on the back.
  • No Support needed for standing.


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