Kids Dinosaur Costume

Years go by and dinosaurs are still popular. Disappeared for millions of years, they are still among the favorite animals of children. So why not make their dreams come true and give them a Kids Dinosaur Costume ? To dress up for carnival or for everyday fun, we offer you the Dinosaur Costume for Kids that will seduce small children as well as older ones.


Whether it's to go to a carnival, a theme party, a birthday party, a costume party or even to have fun on the weekend, we offer a choice of Kids Dinosaur Costume that will make you travel in time. 3,2,1 ... Buckle up and get ready to go to the Jurassic!

Whether your child is a fan of Diplodocus, Triceratops, or even T-Rex, find a Dinosaur Costume for Kids that will take them back in time to meet these fascinating animals. He can then pretend to be a scary T-Rex thanks to an inflatable costume or costume himself as an adorable Diplodocus by putting on his dinosaur outfit and mask. Your children from 3 to 10 years old will have all the tools to feel like in the Mesozoic era. Expect great hours of fun.


To spend hours playing dinosaur, nothing beats a comfortable costume. The Kids Dinosaur Costume is made of polyester, which allows it to be flexible and not restrict his movements. He will feel perfectly comfortable in his costume to have fun. Polyester is an opaque fabric. Moreover, it does not wrinkle. All of our costumes are made to exacting quality standards in order to offer realistic details and a comfortable dinosaur costume for children to play with for hours on end.

Our inflatable dinosaur costume are also of equally high quality. We always make them in such a way that they are comfortable to wear, so that you can spend a long time in the skin of a T-Rex to scare your friends, as if it were real!

Our Kids dinosaur costumes are offered at a price that is accessible to all and this is not at the expense of quality. Indeed, our standards and our manufacturing requirements allow the kids dinosaur costume to last in time, to be able to play dinosaur for many years without ever getting tired of it.


All children from 3 month to 10 years old will be able to enjoy a Kids Dinosaur Costume. Both boys and girls, our original costumes for kids are unisex, so that all little dinosaur fans can enjoy a great trip back in time.

If your child is a T-Rex fan, he or she will surely fall for an inflatable costume. We offer it in many colors to delight all children. Also, your child may be seduced by a costume that gives the impression of riding a T-Rex, a funny and impressive realistic costume. Your child will be excited to be in a costume, so get them their kid's costume.

If it's not the T-Rex that your child prefers, then they'll probably love the different capes with their favorite dinosaur masks. We have many choices of creatures: Diplodocus, Pteranodon, or even Stegosaurus ... There is something for every taste and for every child whatever their sex and age. Easy to put on, in less than five minutes, your children will be transformed into creatures of the Jurassic. School yards will look like the Gobi desert!

Lots of ideas for costumes for boys, as well as for girls, or original Toddler dinosaur costumes for babies for all occasions.


Kids Dinosaur costume for all occasions are surely one of the best ideas you can think of, yet our kids costumes are suitable for many events. For Halloween, it's possible! It will be a change from the clown or pirate costumes, your child will be the star of the show with his Halloween costume. Or, a Kids dinosaur costume with a little more fantasy for a birthday party or a costume party to dance and have fun among the confetti!

Suitable for girls and boys, this is neither a boy costume nor a girl costume, it is simply a kids costume. Both can dress up and have fun for birthdays. All children love to be dressed up for their birthday party or put on their Halloween costume to be scared!



You're spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the dinosaur costume that your child will love. Whatever your choice of creature, we offer the best quality costumes that your child will enjoy wearing for many hours of play even as they grow up.

Your Kids dinosaur costume will be delivered to your home as soon as possible. We offer you standard delivery. Dozens of satisfied children have already been won over by their scary inflatable T-Rex costumes or their beautiful, comfortable Triceratops cape made for them. Every child is ready to parade at their costume party and celebrate.

So don't wait any longer to order yours! We're sure you'll make your child happy with a fun costume of their favorite creature.